The Blockchain Lab Mission

The Blockchain Lab in partnership with UCLA is creating a collaborative community of blockchain advocates.  We are on a mission to increase awareness, advance progress and foster the development of blockchain technologies that incentivize: 
  • Nonprofits and Initiatives to Create Social Good.
  • Developers, Engineers and Designers to Collaborate and Build.
  • Companies and Enterprises to Deploy Blockchain Technologies.
  • Experts, Engineers and Thought Leaders to Share Knowledge.
  • Educators, Universities, and Students to Participate.
  • Local Governments to Reshape Public Policy.
Be on the lookout because we will be hosting several very exciting upcoming speaking engagements, investor events and epic hackathons.  
Our first big anchor project is The Ocean Conservation Coin.  A cryptocurrency apptoken designed with a new model that, for the first time in history, will incentivize it's owners to reduce pollutants in our oceans using crypto-economics. Learn more about the idea here, and be sure to sign up for updates below.  

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